Artist: Dovetail

Song: 'Big City'

Who: Dovetail is a six piece band with frontman and songwriter Philip Creamer as the driving force and voice. They are mostly inspired by the 60s and 70s harmonies driven anthemic rock ‘n pop. From the nightingale vocals of The Byrds to the country rock of The Eagles 

Home: Dallas, Texas

Work: debut EP ‘Love is War’ (2010) / debut album ‘Mount Karma’ (2012), re-released last October (see Soundcloud link at bottom) by their New Jersey based label ‘Ok!Good Records’ 

Music Is The Dope: big ‘choruses-harmonies-melodies-orchestrations’ are back. Frontman Philip Creamer’s voice takes the fine crafted songs to a stadium sized level. Rock ‘n Roll euphoria !  Oh… and long, very long hair is back too…  

More music and info:

Hear the whole ‘Mount Karma’ album here on Soundcloud:




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